It’s easy to add MyStringSection to your music. There are several options and if you have a song that requires different instrumentation, just let us know and we’ll make it happen. If you would like advice on what might work for your song, email an MP3 to and we’ll listen and make some suggestions at no charge.

There is a three (3) song minimum required for the packages listed below that include live players. The Virtual Instrument String Section package can be utilized if you only have 1 or 2 songs. The following string section packages are optimized with budgets in mind, but a larger group can certainly be booked with an understood increase in fee. Send us an email with your project information along with the desired package(s) below and we will send you the all inclusive budget proposal within 48 hours. If you would like a quote for only 1 or 2 songs utilizing our live players, send us an email for a custom quote (our recording schedule might just allow us to record only 1 or 2 songs for you).

8 Piece String Section*

Includes: A Combination of Violin (5), Viola (2) and Cello (1). This is an ultimate string package and will work with most any song. With the appropriate and applicable studio “stacks”, this provides a big, full sound. If preferred, a larger group (i.e. 7 violin, 2 viola, 2 cello and 1 string bass) can be quoted if your recording budget allows. Get a quote!

5 Piece String Section*

Includes: A Combination of Violin (3), Viola (1) and Cello (1). A 5 piece string section will add life to just about any tune. No matter the genre! Get a quote!

3 Piece String Section

Includes: A Combination of Violin (2) and Viola (1) [or Cello (1)]. Although it’s only 3 string instruments, you will be surprised at the results. Think of the gentle chamber sounds on many recordings.Get a quote!

Violin, Viola or Cello Solo

Get a quote!

Virtual Instrument String Section

If you are looking for a lush and full string sound for your song(s) and have considered utilizing the string sampled route in whole, you’ve come to the right place! Though we believe you can still not replace the natural sounds that a true stringed instrument and orchestra creates when they perform, we can create a custom arrangement for you built entirely with commercial, high-end string samples. We completely understand the complexity of properly developing the articulations and preferred dynamics in creating real sounding virtual instruments and you can be assured we will take these additional steps very seriously to make your string tracks unbelievable in quality and unquestionable in creativity. Get a quote!

Virtual Instruments
High quality virtual string samples can be utilized to stack the live recorded strings to enhance the “thickness” of the overall mix experience. Utilizing this method can double the energy of the string section output on your recording. Get a quote!

Orchestral Score
Have a keepsake, fully edited PDF conductor’s score of your custom string arrangement, professionally edited and typeset for you! Get a quote!

The Fine Print
*1. If hiring 4 or more players, your string arrangement will be automatically “stacked” two additional times in the studio. With the sound of them recording three times, the final sound will be larger and broader!

2. Due to incurred union fees, studio time and string player schedules, a minimum of 3 songs must be booked upon the hiring of MyStringSection.

3. 50% of total amount due is required to begin your session. Balance is due upon completion. Final audio files will be made available when full payment has been received.